Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality had a big year in 2016

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headsets

Hello … and welcome to 2017! It’s been a while since our last post, so we thought we’d kick 2017 of with a bumper information update on what’s been happening in Augmented Reality (and the various other Realities you may be hearing about). There’s been a lot going on that you may have missed, if like us you were distracted by … Read More

The Great Bakkavor Bake-off

Bakkavor Logo

On the 15th June 2015, Bakkavor, a leading international manufacturer of freshly prepared foods, held a team building day like no other! Our Playmaker platform played a prominent part in the day, with the Bakkavor team utilising pretty much all of the platform’s built in game features. With Bakkavor’s permission, we thought we’d share some of what they did. The … Read More

Musings on mobile payments

I spent a very enjoyable dinner last week discussing mobile payments with an old friend and colleague from the payments industry. I did my best to convince him (not altogether successfully) why, despite a froth of media and VC interest in mobile payments start-ups, payments are really a utility best conducted by the already large incumbent networks and why instead … Read More

Playmaker – University Case Studies

Mobile Technology for Universities

At Scramboo, we’ve had a fair amount of interest expressed by universities in the use of Viewmaker to power campus apps and Playmaker to engage visitors and students. Today we have two guest blogs describing how two different universities are using Playmaker on two very different projects. Our thanks to both Clare Millington and Jessica Gomula for these great write-ups! … Read More

Comparing Beacons, NFC, AR and QR Codes

In this final blog in our mini-series introducing some of the key technologies used to engage mobile users, we do a side by side comparison. iBeacons NFC AR QR Codes Does it work without a network connection? Yes but…remember that many of the actions you may want to trigger, such as visiting a URL, will require a network connection. Yes … Read More

What are QR codes and Augmented Reality?

In our second post on technologies that can be used to engage mobile users, we discuss QR codes and Augmented Reality. QR codes – What they are. QR (Quick Response) codes are two dimensional barcodes – essentially arrays of black and white squares, which can be read by a QR code reader app on a mobile phone. A QR code … Read More

What are iBeacons and NFC?

mobile engagement

With the recent announcement by Apple that the iPhone 6 will include NFC (Near Field Communications), at least for payments, we thought it would be timely to review of some of the key technology options for engaging mobile device users. In this post we introduce iBeacon and NFC. In later posts, we will cover QR codes and Augmented Reality and … Read More